Welcome to the community

We march over the dead bodies of our enemies, guide their souls through the mists to the Underworld, where their final destinations will be revealed. Help us with this task and join the Underworld Community Guild [DoUw] now!

Who we are

We are a an international Guild Wars 2 (EU) server with people from all over Europe. We enjoy mostly WvW together but we also have active pvp’ers and pve’ers in our guild. As Underworld’s community guild we strive to become a friendly place where the server unites and strengthens the team spirit in Grenth’s name. Everybody is welcome! Representation expected while doing guild raids.

What we offer

  • Monday (All day) :Guild missions
  • Thursday (evening): WvW training – profession depends on trainer.
  • Saturday (evening) : Big Bois Night + lottery winner


We wanna have fun, so join the discord community server:
to talk, to laugth, to listen good music and, of course, to have a good time.
Here you will find some more informations, news and builds.

Join the Community guild

Feel free to join the community guild DAWN OF UNDERWORLD [DoUw].
In this case, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Officers InGame via Teamchat or one of the admins on the discord channel.

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